Harry Gamble

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Resident Artist

Harry resides with his wife Pat in Yardley, Pennsylvania. He is retired as a school counselor in Trenton, New Jersey. 

"Photography has been my passion since my father gave me a box camera at an early age," says Harry. "Favorite photo shots included the New Jersey shore and my dog Flash." During retirement, working-type vacations have been made to China, India, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South America.

"A camera makes you look twice at distant places and people," Harry notes. 

Harry rented space and sold antiques and travel photographs at Engine Works in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Recently, Harry rented space at Alanza's Store in Burlington, New Jersey, where he sells antiques and travel photos. 

Harry enjoys videotaping his travels and Red Cross disaster relief efforts. He is available for community group presentations.

Through Harry's Eyes