Jess Schoell

Resident Artist

Born and raised in Bristol Borough, I have always had a passion for art. I studied at Bucks County Technical High School where I was able to develop my skills as an artist in the commercial art concentration. After graduating and studying at Bucks County Community College, I found my love for photography and eventually transferred to Penn State Abington where I will graduate with a BA in art.  During my time at Penn State, I have been able to explore my creativity and focus on photography and printmaking.

I worked in the Penn State Abington Art Gallery for two years, and while working, I was able to observe and assist in setting up exhibitions. To further my art knowledge, I became a teacher assistant and worked closely with art professors. During my senior year, I was featured in a show called “Temporal  Dissonance.” With my art being displayed in the Penn State Abington Art Gallery, I was able to sell multiple pieces to a private collector.

While still new to the art world, I have won the 2018 Penn State Bertha Lear Purchase Award for Exemplary Achievement at Penn State Abington and have been featured in the Bertha Lear Show for two years in a row.  I was also published in The Abington Review in April 2018 for my piece called "Combined."