Joie D’Ambrosio

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Resident Artist

Joie earned her Doctorate in Holistic Medicine in Naturopathic Medicine. She specializes in clinical and sports nutrition and natural healing science and arts. Also a Reiki Master - Moving Energy, Yoga Instructor, Jin Shin Do - Energy, Acupressure, and Reflexology, Joie also holds black belts in the martial arts.

Branching into photography 30 years ago, her creative background brought her to pop art painting and creative green photography. She is now developing a creative nook for wood-burning.

Her artwork has been the daily local newspaper and her Instagram account is artist-joie. She also shows her art in Chester Springs, PA and displays artwork at the Ivystone Gallery in Lionville, PA and in Bethany, DE.

Joie is an avid international scuba diver and takes underwater photographs and paints scenes from under the shimmering surface of this awe-inspiring world.