Linda Baldwin and John D’Errico

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Resident Artists


                             Making Art…Naturally

These slice of nature “TREE COOKIES” are created from branches that are primarily gathered from peach, apple, and pear trees in local orchards. The branches are cut into thin, “cookies,” which are then individually inspected for quality and design. Only the best “cookies,” with the most interesting natural grain, become part of the final product. They are then sun-dried, hand-sanded, sealed, and glued on pressed-dyed cork made from recycled wine stoppers, resulting in the finished product you see before you. In addition to their unique and natural beauty, the sound-absorbing quality of the cork provides artfully-disguised noise control to any indoor setting.

Making “TREE COOKIE” art is a collaborative effort between artist Linda Baldwin and woodworker John D’Errico, whose 40+-year-old friendship and individual talents combine to create these works of art.

Linda and John have created larger “TREE COOKIE” commissioned artwork, containing over 1,000 cookies, for professional offices. They can also make a customized “Tree Cookie” piece of art from branches that fall from anyone’s home, in any size, and from a wide selection of background cork colors.

More About Linda

Linda is the Art Gallery Manager for both Java Jim’s Coffee Shop and The Vault Brewery in Yardley, and she is a set artist for Newtown Arts Theatre productions.  She is a muralist and has completed large-scale murals for Princeton University, Silicon Valley Bank, and residential clients. Linda is also a painter, and her acrylic-medium work has been displayed in various shows and galleries in Bucks County.

More About John

John has been involved in woodworking his entire life and maintains a full-service wood shop to help support his passion for creating wood art. John is also the owner of, a company that makes and ships portable Tiki Bars to individuals and corporations around the country. You may have seen his Tiki Bars on tour with performers like Jimmy Buffet or Lady Antebellum.