Rodney Miller

Resident Artist

At an early age, I discovered my interest in art and my ability to draw. My favorite subject was comic-book characters. At age 10, the door to the world of photography opened up when Mom gave me a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera. A love affair with photography and the arts has continued since then. In the Air Force, I was a Precision Photographic Processing Technician; I processed and printed aerial recon film from planes.  In the years following, I attended the Community College of Philadelphia and Temple University's Tyler School of Art as a Photography Major while working full-time in Information Technology Systems for the Federal Government, holding jobs ranging from computer operator to Assistant Chief of Information -Technology Division.

As a Fine Art Photographer, my first interest is in creating images that can stir our emotions and unconscious feelings. The basis for my photographic work is seeing those things right around me - those things many of us see but never really see. I love creating images that make the viewer say, “How did he do that?" My photographic subjects run the gamut, from nature to cityscapes to the abstract. As part of my process, I like blending geometric shapes and photographic elements, and solarization. I also enjoy doing photo constructions. I construct a scene from several photographs, often building a large 3D collage. As a little quirky thing, I will change the juxtaposition of a building or an element from the original photo to a new place in the collage. It’s a method I use to visually fool the viewer into seeing a scene that doesn’t really exist. It also allows me to create space and give added depth when working toward a more 3D effect. I am very much inspired by the ambiguities of colors found in the universe. Brilliant color abounds in my work. Paper choice is a critical piece in my final print. I have stepped away from the traditional archival papers used by most photographers. I have explored the use of various papers and plastics, thus pushing the traditional boundaries for a printable material. The use of various papers has become intrinsic to my process. The different approach to the printed surface also aids me in creating a different effect for a particular image. My photographic work includes but is not limited to images of Center City, Philadelphia, New Hope, PA and Bucks County, PA landscapes; Times Square and New York City; Boston and Cape Cod, MA; and Montreal, Canada. But I simply love photographing those things right around me, the right-outside-my-window things. I have exhibited in many juried shows, several galleries in PA, NJ, and OH and was represented by the River Queen Artisan Gallery in Lambertville, NJ. I have won several awards I am in the art collections of The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, the Good Sheppard Physical Therapy Center, former mayor of Philadelphia Michael Nutter, and other art admirers.