Sean Cavalier

Resident Artist

Sean Cavalier is a local artist who has lived in Bucks County for over thirty years. He currently resides in Falls Township with his wife and kids.

Sean grew up by the lakes of North Jersey and spent his summers on the west coast of Florida with his father. He became an avid scuba diver there, which sparked his life-long interest in coral reefs and sea life.

Sean began painting in April of 2015, originally as a hobby while recuperating from an injury. He found that focusing on painting was therapeutic. His interest in the ocean inspired his paintings of coral reef habitats and marine life. In addition to painting underwater scenes, Sean paints waterfalls and landscapes. He uses oil and acrylic spray as his medium and incorporates his own style and techniques for detail.

Sean’s discovery of his hidden talent in painting added a new chapter to his life. He is grateful for being given the chance to showcase his work at the Centre for the Arts in Historic Bristol Borough and to progress as a new artist.